Here are some handy tips to think about before and while you make your cellphilm!

  • Brainstorm

Don’t hold back, anything goes at this point!

Write/sketch/record all your ideas down

When you feel that you have exhausted every option, go back and pick one or two ideas to make your cellphilm about.

  • Length

Cellphilms are generally pretty short (for this festival the limit is 90 seconds) and to the point.

Shorter films can be tough to make, because you have to make sure to use the time wisely.

Shorter films are easier to show because the are smaller files that people can send phone-phone, phone-computer quickly and because if people are busy, the short film will not disrupt their day too much.

  • Storyboard

Sketch out the different ‘scenes’ your cellphilm will have. There is a storyboard template you can use here.

Make a note of any props, costumes, ideas for dialogue, music, or sounds that you need in each scene.

You can even make a note of the type of filming you will do to capture this scene (e.g. close up, panorama, holding phone above looking down).

  • Sound

If you have people speaking in your cellphilm be sure to film with the phone’s microphone as close as possible to the person.

If you are trying to capture someone speaking or a particular noise in your cellphilm, try and cut out all background noise.

You do not have to include any sound or music in your cellphilm.

You can use movie-making software (e.g. iMovie) to include music after you have finished filming.

  • One-Shot Shoot Method

A one-shot shoot cellphilm is when you film everything in one take.

Press record. Record all your video in one go. Press stop. Your done!

This is a great way to make a cellphilm if you have limited access to other editing software or if it is your first time making a cellphilm.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this technique. One-shot shoots can make very powerful cellphilms.

  • Record-Pause-Record Method

Many cellphones let you pause mid-record. This lets you stop and start the cellphilm without making a separate video file. In the end, the pause acts like a scene change in your cellphilm.

If you have this function on your phone, this is a great way to make a multi-scene cellphilm without having to use any movie editing software.

Of course, if you make a mistake in the middle of your movie that you want to fix remember you have to start at filming from the very beginning again.


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