Call for Cellphilms

We invite submission of cellphilms (videos made with a cellphone) to our International Cellphilm Festival. These cellphilms should be 60-90 seconds in length on the theme: “Resisting & Speaking Back.” Students, faculty, and community organizations are welcome to submit entries.

By November 1st, 2017, participants should:

  1. Upload your 60-90 second cellphilms onto
  2. Email the link to with the following information:
    • submission title
    • a 100-200-word description of the cellphilm (English, French, or Spanish)
    • country of origin
    • all names of the producers of the cellphilm.

The theme Resisting & Speaking Back asks media-makers to critically engage with and trouble dominant imagery and messaging (Mitchell & De Lange, 2013, p. 7). We encourage submissions that explore the festival theme broadly. For example, submissions might include cellphilms that explore topics such as: what does resistance look like in your research/teaching/activist practices (e.g. addressing sexual violence); ideas about how resistance is negotiated; resistance and speaking back in relation to all kinds of media (DIY, social media, news media, etc.); critical interpretations of how individuals or communities negotiate resistance and speaking back to issues of identity and self-determination within a wider society; or how cellphones, themselves, may or may not contribute to the way we understand resistance and speaking back, across local or global spaces. We hope that submissions will creatively interpret the theme in a way that is meaningful for you and can be shared with a global audience through the online festival format.

The International Cellphilm Festival sponsored by the Institute of Human Development and Well-being and the Participatory Cultures Lab will feature a public screening and discussion event at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, on December 7th, 2017. The event will celebrate the contributions and insights of students, community activists, and research participants using this mobile medium in hopes of further developing this method and their creativity.

Our Partners:

McGill Institute of Human Development and Well Being


Participatory Cultures Lab McGill

One thought on “Call for Cellphilms

  1. Hello,
    I’m very excited about this project. Right now I am a student of mcgill in the MATL program. I am presently teaching sec. One and two enriched English. I think I would love to get my students involved in this contest. I will see ethics to get the ho ahead as well as my administration and parental approval. Can you respond to me if possible?

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